Maxim Popazov

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Maxim Popazov

Maxim Popazov is a producer and artist of Nikulin Circus who is the part of the seventh generation of the 150 year old world famous Popazov-Koch russian circus dynasty. Maxim is well known around the world for his three unique hand balancing acts: hand balancing on pedestal in the style of the famous ukrainian performer Anatoly Zalevsky, "The Advocate" act with books (directed by the unique and contemporary choreographer Ruslan Ganeev), Balancing on chairs by renowned russian director Valentin Gneushev.Maxim has presented his act on many famous stages around the world including Circus Krone in Munich, Monte Carlo Circus festival, Swiss national circus Knie, Schuhbecks Teatro in Munich, Royal Theater Carre in Amsterdam , World Christmas Circus in Stuttgart and Frierdrichstadt Palace in Berlin. He currently lives in Las Vegas and performs in the show "Absinthe" at Caesars Palace. Maxim opened up a whole new market with his contacts to producers, directors, choreographers and artists from all over the world to produce in conjunction with Clemens Zipse, Thomas Dürr und Ursula Haug, the Teatro Colombino Dinner show for four years in Freiburg, Germany.

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Maxim Popazov
Maxim Popazov - Teatro Colombino
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"Variete and Zirkus are for us not only glamorous showbusiness, but above all work together with artists from all over the world. Again and again we are excited about the peaceful coexistence of people, acrobats, clowns, wizards, moderators, musicians, singers, dancers, campers, cooks, waiters from different countries and cultures Adverse circumstances create professional, peaceful, fair and purposeful work together, so that at the end of a very short probation period a show is created that charms people and makes them happy."